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Educational activities taking place outside the school have become an integral part of the training process of each student and provide important moments of territorial knowledge in its multiple expressions (history, art, geography, economy, culture in the broad sense ...).
“Live” visits of sites and museums promote familiarity with and thematic insights of study programs in a proactive and participatory way, educating the new generations to understand, appreciate and enjoy Art / Culture, also contributing to safeguarding and valorizing the precious "tangible and intangible" cultural heritage of the entire community.
The task of the guide during the visit, aware of what has been said above and in synergy with the teacher, is precisely to facilitate and promote the active, critical, inquiring learning abilities of the student, while arousing enthusiasm, wonder, respect and interest for what is seen and learned.A list of visits / classic and thematic tours are also available under ITINERARIES, suitably adapted to educational purposes for pupils / students of all levels. Additional thematic proposals, among the most popular and tested, are:

•Turin between the Roman Empire and Middle Ages
•Turin and the Baroque
•Turin and the Savoy
•Turin and the Risorgimento
•Turin "Laboratory" of Italy
•“Olympic” / “Contemporary” Turin

If you are interested in a "tailor-made” itinerary / tour, do not hesitate to ask for it. The Piedmont region, Turin and its museum system (among the "excellences" of the cultural- tourist panorama, both domestic and international) are waiting for you with a rich and prestigious supply of knowledge, fun and entertainment ...




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